Depending upon the media player you use, you may be able to play each file directly by clicking on the link to a clip. If your default media player is associated with MP3 files, it may offer to play the clip immediately.

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The sound quality of these archive files will vary greatly, depending upon the source. Some of the sound clips were preserved from original source materials used by Rege Cordic during his program. Some clips are taken from other original sources such as 45RPM records or promotional vinyl LP's. Still others are taken from personal recordings made by our various contributors, using whatever equipment and methods they had available to them, drawing directly from a radio speaker using a wired connection or indirectly by placing a tape recorder microphone in front of the speaker.

All the clips were created by Rege Cordic's devoted fans who wanted to enjoy Cordic & Company and share it with others. If we encounter a duplicate clip of one that already exists on this site, we will make every effort to post the higher quality version and note that fact.