I moved to the Pittsburgh area before I started third grade in 1955. My father had just gotten a job with Jones & Laughlin Steel Company, and we lived for a period on Broadmoor Avenue in Mt. Lebanon, right across the street from my elementary school, Julia Ward Howe. Later we moved to Crystal Drive, not far away. I remained in Pittsburgh until December of 1963, when my father got a new job in Allentown.

The recordings I have contributed to this web site (Archive DB) were made during 1963 using the first reel-to-reel tape recorder I ever owned, prior to my family's departure from the Pittsburgh area. The tapes were 'ripped' to WAV files to preserve the original quality, then converted to variable bit rate (VBR) MP3 files to save storage space. While the original recordings were not made under the greatest of conditions (alligator clips on the speaker leads of my AM radio), I hope you will find the recordings to be more than adequate. I am happy and honored to be able to make them available to all on this site. Enjoy!

David D. Brown, Greensboro, NC