is the place to find sound files and other items that document and celebrate the genius and creativity of Pittsburgh radio personality Rege Cordic, plus additional items about Rege's co-workers and collaborators.

The Cordic & Company program, broadcast first on WWSW, later on KDKA-AM from 6-10AM in the morning and, after a time in Los Angeles, returning to WTAE radio, brought laughter to area residents as they started their busy days in a great American city experiencing its renewal during the 1950's and 60's. A Pittsburgh native, Rege Cordic was the voice of a city with a rich history and diverse cultural heritage he could draw upon for his program.

To many, Rege Cordic did more to inspire and entertain Pittsburgh than any other person during his time in the Steel City. His glorious baritone voice greeted the early morning risers with a radio experience they grew to love and wouldn't miss.

Rege could poke fun at Pittsburgh because he and his listeners were part of a radio community tied together by geography, culture and purpose. Cordic & Company listeners grew up waiting for the adventures of Carman Monoxide the punster, Mr. Murcheson the boss, Omicron and Nudnicron from Venus, Louie Adamchevitz the garbage man and Max Korfendigas the always-inebriated golf pro, to name a few of the cast of characters created by Rege and a talented group of collaborators.

Look around, download some samples of Rege's comedy, and let me know if you have any suggestions for making the site more useful for you.  This is both a labor of love and a work in progress.

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20 Aug 2020 - Added visitor comments and stories section
09 Jun 2020 - Added my interview on KDKA discussing Rege Cordic with Robert Mangino, celebrating KDKA's 100th anniversary (see Archive DB)
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DON'T THROW REGE AWAY!  Do you have some old recordings of Rege on reel-to-reel tapes, CD's or other media, but don't have the equipment to make digital transfers of the recordings?  Before you pitch those old tapes into the trash, PLEASE contact me HERE!  I have a reel-to-reel tape deck and a tape cassette deck, and can help preserve the material you have for addition to this site. If I don't have the right equipment for your particular media, I'll try to find someone who can do the transfer.

And if you have any old friends who may have listened to Rege when they were in Pittsburgh (I'm told he had an 85% share of the morning radio audience at one time), ask them if they know of any recordings.  Time may be running out to save these recordings for posterity.  You can help us preserve the Cordic & Company legacy.

Many visitors to this web site have graciously offered additional recordings to me to digitalize and put up on this site. They've sent cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes and CD's to me, and I am committed to making this new material available to all.

I have also come into possession of some of the ORIGINAL 12" acetate records that Rege created to use during his program. These include entire skits, or one side of a conversation, where Rege would provide the other side of the conversation live on the air. There are more than 200 of these LP records, and converting them to digital files will be time-consuming, since they must be played at their original speed to be converted to digital files. But I will be undertaking to make those LP's available for your listening pleasure over the next months, as they are converted. If you would like to be notified when new material is made available on this site, email me using the links mentioned above and request that I add your email address to my Cordic Contacts. I promise you won't get spammed, but you will be informed when new material appears.

I will also be creating an image gallery to show pictures of Rege Cordic through the years in all the various endeavors he undertook.

This web site is dedicated to Ric Collins, whose own Rege Cordic web site was the inspiration for the site you are visiting now. Before his untimely death, Ric provided me with the Cordic & Company material he had, and urged me to find a permanent home for it on the web. Like me, Ric felt that the legacy of Rege Cordic was a rich one, that should be available for all to share.

Ric, this is for you...