Archive 03
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Albuquerque Traffic Report Adult Cereals
Roquefort's Ashtray Audience Sandbox
Beer in the Microphone The Break Your Heart Show
Brunhilda's New Diet A Tribute to Bugs
Milkman Calls Milove to the Phone Cardboard Coffee featuring Tony Randall
Carmen Monoxide, the Professional Gambler The Case of the Shanghai'd Lexicographer
The Chairman Award CIA (Cordicopia International Airways) No Class Service
Classie, the TV Dog The Coach Visits
Cordic and Company - College of Stars The Crudley Outsells the Competition!
The Boss Tallies Up Rege's Demerits The Doghouse Phone
The Continuing Saga of Ruth and Dudley... Doctor Paulie's Swamp Root Elixir
Elevator Problems Garden Hose
Gas Incinerator Gurgling Stream Nevada
Hip Boots Olde Froshingslosh Commercial
Joe L Breen Show Periwinkle Looks for Uncle Mort's Phone Number
Periwinkle Looks for His Last Name Periwinkle Looks for His Last Name, Part II
C'n'C Lendout Lawnmower Louie Gets a Letterhead
Added 12 July 2003... Cordic and Company Lip Stick
Roquefort and the Mail Girl Man with the Telephone
Mellon Bank Credit Card Ad Mike Ravine Traffic Report
The "New" Milkman Olde Frothingslosh Commercial
Olde Frothingslosh Commercial II Omicron Has A Complaint
Omicron's Fitness Plan for Nudnicron Quick 'n' Easy O'Brian - Cowboy Star
The Rhymer Repairing the Weatherman's Seismograph
The Semi-Emmy Awards Carmen Monoxide - Shake Well
Louie Wants a GI Loan Sound of the Tone
Max Corfendigas - Golf  Terminology Flourescent Flowers
Phone Call - Custom Steel Shoes Interviewing The Audience
Talent Search Traffic Detours
The Mean Nasty Weatherman Has A Theme War Paint Sale
Wild One, The Big 'K' Zorba The Sneak
WWSW - Conversation with Rege (excerpt) KDKA remembrance of Rege Cordic

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